Le Fini des mers, Gardner Dozois (juin 2018)

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Re: Le Fini des mers, Gardner Dozois (juin 2018)

Messagepar Pierre-Paul Durastanti » 27 mai 2019 à 20:02

Ah, merci pour le lien, camarade.
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Re: Le Fini des mers, Gardner Dozois (juin 2018)

Messagepar JDB » 06 juin 2019 à 17:29

Reçu On the Road with Gardner Dozois et quasiment fini de le lire (bon, je connaissais déjà le premier récit, paru dans Strange Days).
Des passages sublimes, dont celui-ci:
Friday, September 6th, 1996, driving back to Big Sur after a night out at Monterey. Stopping en route to see the stars over the Pacific Ocean.
"Without the constant chastisement of the stars, do we turn away from God? Do we make a comfortable new universe that revolves around ourselves without this nightly reminder of how vast the universe really is? Or how small we are? How many of us can really deal for long with the emotional realization that we are a minuscule fleck of matter--much, much too small to see even by the scale of the Earth let alone the scale of the solar system or the galaxy or all the rest of the indifferent, coldly flaming universe--that exists for a span of time so infinitely, vanishingly short that it can't even be measured on the clock of geologic time let alone on the vastly greater clock that ticks away how long it takes the wheel of the galaxy to whirl around itself or one galaxy to wheel around another? The shortest blink of the cosmic eye would still be eons too long to notice our little lives at all.
"Instead, we pull back from this knowledge, shrugg it off, isolate ourselves from it, rationalize it, try to forget it, and do our best to convince ourselves viscerally again that the great wheel of the universe revolves around us instead, around our eyeblink lives, and that everyone else and everything around us, the mountains, the vast, breathing sea, the sky itself, are merely spear carriers or theatrical backdrops in the great, unique drama of our lives, a vitally important drama unlike anything that has ever gone before. The night sky knows better, but it's too uncaring even to mock us."

Il se dégage de ce livre une ineffable mélancolie. Je sais que j'en relirai souvent certaines pages.
PS1. Un conseil, quand même: n'attendez pas une traduction, apprenez l'anglais et achetez-le.
PS 2. C'est aussi parfois très drôle.
"Inusable (ou presque)", qu'il disait.
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Re: Le Fini des mers, Gardner Dozois (juin 2018)

Messagepar Erwann » 10 août 2019 à 15:01

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