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Binti, Nnedi Okorafor

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I was sixteen years old and had never been beyond my city, let alone near a launch station. I was by myself and I had just left my family. My prospects of marriage had been 100 percent and now they would be zero. No man wanted a woman who’d run away. However, beyond my prospects of a normal life being ruined, I had scored so high on the planetary exams in mathematics that the Oozma University had not only admitted me, but promised to pay for whatever I needed in order to attend. No matter what choice I made, I was never going to have a normal life, really.

Prix Hugo et prix Nebula de la novella.

Mon avis: chouette, mais

Un poil en deçà de mes attentes.

Je ne pense pas que le Bélial envisage une traduction ?

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